30 September 2012
17 April 2011
06 February 2011
28 November 2010

Nother One Down the channel

This is a really interesting time in our dance community. I don’t really know what I’m talking about right now. I really wanted to write something profound right now because I am about to post a bunch of flash mob stuff so many people will be on this site. But quite honestly I have been really tired lately and since I have been working on projects that I have been the head of, I don’t really have an idea what’s going on in the dance community at all. I really try to stay busy within myself and what i’m focused on. I am taking on one of the bigger projects in my career serving as director for this music video. Now I’m no chump, I already have 3 asst director credits on my resume but this one is special. It’s a video for one of my favorite people ever. If you have known me more than a year and a half you know who it is. Its a family member and I just have to nail it this time. Well I’m still tired and if you happen to see a very well written article about dance, its probably a copy from a real dance blog, ha ha. Cause thats probably what I’m gonna do right now, and if you are reading this fully, I am sure you are laughing right now, Have a great day!

Free Fun Apalooza

Well I just got my really cool signs that I will plaster all over San Diego. No doubt a couple people reading this will because of those very signs. All I have to say for you is..... I GOT YA! HA HA.

Its really exciting to try this new class promo where I will have so many people getting free classes, its kinda scary if I will make any money teaching dance. Luckily I love what I do which is express myself through movement and use my creativity to craft routines and whatnot. This is a new chapter for my thursday nights and its exciting because hopefully I will meet lots of new people and get them moving and grooving! Don’t know what else to say so you know what that means. Good Night!

This cartoon dude is going off!, Imma copy this routine one day ha ha

February Fun

February is turning out to be quite a lively month, right at the heels of spring I find myself and the people around me in preparation. Preparation for spring, or at least what spring means symbolically which is change and growth. Personal things are ironing themselves out and I am quite busy with dance. I just tentatively planned another Hip Hop Performance Workshop for March 27 and I am excited to get it going. Also working on my summer camp programs and free scholarship camp for deserving and at risk youth. So things are a blooming. I still haven’t figured what this blog is gonna be about but I wanted to write something and get it down while I am thinking and simmering (slower than an unplugged crock pot, ha ha).

But heaven only knows so far, but I can say that I look forward to having a great 2011 and each year after. Live your best life people with no apologies. Live Love Always. Prince

Website in progress

I am in the process of working on this site and its starting to look good. Its at the point that I could throw it up if I really needed the information. I really have made something that I am proud of and it was quite the project so I hope it looks good. Thanksgiving was a couple days ago and I had a great day full of family, fun and FOOD! Hope you did too, cyberspace.