J-Light Music Video Flash Mob Information

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You are not required to make all rehearsals but are expected to know the choreography well enough to perform
Saturday, October 13th
Morley Field (meet at the pool)
2229 Morley Field Drive  
San Diego, CA 92104

Saturday, October 20th
Morley Field (meet at the pool)
2229 Morley Field Drive  
San Diego, CA 92104

Monday, October 22
Flip Force
5629 Copley Drive
San Diego, CA  92111

Tuesday, October 23
The Dance Place
2650 Truxtun Road
San Diego, CA 92106

Thursday, October 25th
The Dance Place
2650 Truxtun Road
San Diego, CA 92106

October 26th (if needed)

There will be other opportunities to learn/practice the dance via classes, but there may be a fee required.
How do I learn the dance before rehearsal?
There will be an instructional video on Youtube for each flash mob. When it is ready, a private link will be emailed to everyone that has registered. We ask that you do not post these videos online.
How many rehearsals will there be?
There will be 4 rehearsals with an optional: One the night before, You can always call (619) 327-9503 to check about any last minute updates
What if I can’t make the rehearsals?
We HIGHLY encourage your participation in at least 2 rehearsals. If you absolutely cannot make 2 rehearsals, you may be put in a less visible section of the dance formation. 
Can I arrive late to rehearsal on the day of the event?
While being late does not exclude you from participating, we do ask that you make every effort to arrive on time and ready to go, that way you don’t miss any important directions and information. And in regards to the taping you may miss it in general
What if I can’t print the release forms or I forget them?
It helps us save time and resources when you bring your own copy, but we understand you might forget, so we will have limited copies on-site, just in case. But you do need a release to be filmed so please be proactive and get it done in advance.
What is the time commitment on shooting day?
A minimum of 5 hours, which includes check-in, rehearsal, and recording. There is a possibility that it will go on longer but we know your time is valuable and we will do the best to make sure the process is expedited as efficiently as possible. 
Do you provide snacks or water?
We will provide water and light snacks on set day only. We ask that you bring your own snacks and food so you stay energized, but if we are providing food, you’ll be the first to know.
Please print, sign and date this media release. You can bring it to the rehearsal.

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Flash Mob Dancers:
Saturday October 27
Call Time: 8am
Tierrasanta Elementary School (parking lot)
5450 La Cuenta 92124.
**Bring a jacket as it may be cold in the morning, we will practice in the parking lot and drive or walk to the set**
Please bring maybe 2 sets clothing. First can be of something you would wear around your neighborhood. Second look, Bring something that is normal but a variation like a soccer uniform if your a kid. Business suit if you are an adult or if your retired dress that way. Clothes that you would do gardening or landscaper look or mechanic,
Don't wear all white, or mostly white outfits

Flash Mob Dancers that are also extras:
Call time is the same
please bring another change of clothes that represents something someone would wear to a day at the park. If you have racquets or balls, backpack etc you can carry that would be great too, but not necessary

Please check this site the night and morning before for any last minute changes
We will be finished no later than 6pm.
Please bring snacks and food so you stay energized. We will have an hour break also