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I have been so fortunate to work with many wonderful people on my journey through this entertainment business, I just wanted to put a small list of some of the artists and companies I have worked for.......
Coca Cola
Sony Playstation
Red Bull
Sci-Fi Network

Talib Kweli
Taylor Swift
Pastor Troy
Love Generation
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Prince is a gifted dancer and choreographer. Prince has performed with Talib Kweli, Outkast and worked on such films as "Bring it On". His signature style earned him representation wtih top dance agencies is LA. Prince's diverse palette of movements have been the basis for video games on the Sony Playstation system.
He has choreographed 1st Place routines for numerous dance teams, singers, as well as fitness athletes in national competitions. His popular high energy and inventive routines has continually kept his classes filled with enthusiastic dancers. He is currently choreographing for numerous artists as well as pursuing his own musical endeavors.