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17 April 2011
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17 April 2011

Free Fun Apalooza

Well I just got my really cool signs that I will plaster all over San Diego. No doubt a couple people reading this will because of those very signs. All I have to say for you is..... I GOT YA! HA HA.

Its really exciting to try this new class promo where I will have so many people getting free classes, its kinda scary if I will make any money teaching dance. Luckily I love what I do which is express myself through movement and use my creativity to craft routines and whatnot. This is a new chapter for my thursday nights and its exciting because hopefully I will meet lots of new people and get them moving and grooving! Don’t know what else to say so you know what that means. Good Night!

This cartoon dude is going off!, Imma copy this routine one day ha ha