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17 April 2011
06 February 2011
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06 February 2011

February Fun

February is turning out to be quite a lively month, right at the heels of spring I find myself and the people around me in preparation. Preparation for spring, or at least what spring means symbolically which is change and growth. Personal things are ironing themselves out and I am quite busy with dance. I just tentatively planned another Hip Hop Performance Workshop for March 27 and I am excited to get it going. Also working on my summer camp programs and free scholarship camp for deserving and at risk youth. So things are a blooming. I still haven’t figured what this blog is gonna be about but I wanted to write something and get it down while I am thinking and simmering (slower than an unplugged crock pot, ha ha).

But heaven only knows so far, but I can say that I look forward to having a great 2011 and each year after. Live your best life people with no apologies. Live Love Always. Prince