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Nother One Down the channel

This is a really interesting time in our dance community. I don’t really know what I’m talking about right now. I really wanted to write something profound right now because I am about to post a bunch of flash mob stuff so many people will be on this site. But quite honestly I have been really tired lately and since I have been working on projects that I have been the head of, I don’t really have an idea what’s going on in the dance community at all. I really try to stay busy within myself and what i’m focused on. I am taking on one of the bigger projects in my career serving as director for this music video. Now I’m no chump, I already have 3 asst director credits on my resume but this one is special. It’s a video for one of my favorite people ever. If you have known me more than a year and a half you know who it is. Its a family member and I just have to nail it this time. Well I’m still tired and if you happen to see a very well written article about dance, its probably a copy from a real dance blog, ha ha. Cause thats probably what I’m gonna do right now, and if you are reading this fully, I am sure you are laughing right now, Have a great day!